*Served with choice of coleslaw, potato salad or cup of soup and pickle*



Double Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Mushroom & Swiss Burger

Ortega Cheeseburger

Chili Size with Cheese

Garden Burger

Turkey Burger

Soups & Chili

*All our soups are homemade! Choice of three every day*



Soup & Dinner Salad

Bowl of Chili

Cup of Chili

Sourdough Bread Bowl with Soup

Sourdough Bread Bowl with Chili


Grilled Chicken Salad (Grilled chicken breast, tomato slices, egg slices, cucumbers, carrot & celery sticks, jack & cheddar cheese)

Chef (Turkey, ham, jack & cheddar cheese, egg slices, tomato, cucumber & carrot slices)

Tuna Salad (Tomato slices, cucumber, carrot, celery sticks)

Stuffed Tomato (Stuffed with tuna, ham, egg or turkey salad, egg slices & cucumber slices)

Aspen Salad (Turkey, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, cheese & avocado)

Low-Calorie Plate (Sliced turkey or chicken breast on Rye Bread with cottage cheese & fresh fruit or tomatoes)

Broccoli Salad (Cucumbers, tomato slices, carrots & celery sticks)

Combination – Choice of any three salads (Potato, Tuna, Egg, Turkey, Ham, Broccoli, Coleslaw or Cottage Cheese with tomato slices, Cucumber & Avocado)

Dinner Salad


*Served with choice of coleslaw, potato salad, or a cup of soup and a pickle*

Turkey Freshly Baked on Sourdough Bread

Polish Sausage with Swiss Cheese on Grilled Rye

Beefeater (Roast beef, cheese & tomato on grilled Sourdough. Ortega chilies upon  request)

Aspen (Turkey bacon, tomato & cheese on grilled sourdough) ……..$9.25

Chicken Sandwich (Grilled chicken breast on a bun)

Veggie Club (Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese & avocado on whole wheat or squaw bread)

Ham Stack on Sourdough

Clubhouse (Choice of turkey or ham on toast)

Grilled Ham & Cheese on Sourdough

Manhattan (Sliced ham & turkey with Swiss cheese on grilled rye)

Tuna Melt (American cheese on grilled rye bread)

Patty Melt (Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread)

BLT on White Bread

BLT on White Bread with Avocado

Avocado & Alfalfa Sprouts (Lettuce & Tomato on whole wheat or squaw bread)

Grilled Cheese on Sourdough

Tuna, Egg, Turkey or Ham Salad

Croissant Sandwich (Ham or turkey with Swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato)

Quiche – Soup – Salad

*Bowl of soup with slice of quiche*

Selections include: Spinach Mushroom, Vegetarian, Monterrey, Lorraine

Sandwich – Soup – Salad

*Choice of any two. No substitutions please*

Bowl of Soup, Dinner Salad, 1/2 Sandwich                                                                                               (Sandwich choices of egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad, turkey salad, sliced ham or sliced turkey)

Daily Lunch Specials

*All lunch specials served 11am – 3pm*

Served Every Tuesday : Meatloaf Lunch

Served Every Other Wednesday : Turkey Pot Pies

Served Every Thursday : The Famous Turkey Lunch


Premium Coffee or Decaf

Hot Tea (Herbal Available)

Hot Cocoa


Sweet Tea or Sweetened Raspberry Ice Tea

Sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite & Lemonade)

Juices (Apple, Grapefruit, Tomato & Orange)

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